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One of the most popular accessories for men is a piece of a silver watch. That’s why our wholesale silver watches are the best-selling among male customers. As one of the best wholesale silver watches vendor, all we want to talk about is a thing tell time! Today, though our topic is about another kind of watches. Not the one precisely like our wholesale silver watches but work pretty similar. Just…way bigger.

The most famous watches in the world

Some watche are not made to wear on the wrist. You know, like clock towers, for example. Some clock towers are so fascinating that they are must destinations for tourists in big cities like London, New York or Madrid. These extraordinary clock towers have become one of the most photographed monuments in history.

Built for religious, scientific or astrological reasons, they have become a source of inspiration and have even become better known than other historical constructions. Today we take a walk through some of the most popular watches in the world.

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The Big Ben clock, the most symbolic monument of the British capital and, practically, of England, is located at the Palace of Westminster, in the heart of London. We are accustomed to naming the clock as Big Ben. However, this name is that of the bell that ringed for the first time on May 31, 1859, and until today continues to fulfill its function of informing Londoners and visitors of the hours.


This clock, which is launched in 1989, is the most modern on the list. It is the one that informs more people on a daily basis about the time. The time square clock is located at the most famous intersection on Times Square (Manhattan). It is one of the most significant tourist interest points in New York thanks to the striking screens that surround the square.


This clock, located in the old quarter of the Czech capital, is a mandatory stop for all those who visit Prague. This extraordinary astronomical clock is located on one of the walls of the town hall. It is an authentic relic of medieval mechanics that have been alerting the passage of time since 1490 when the master watchmaker Hanus placed the last piece of the clock. In addition to giving time, it indicates the position of the sun and the moon, the zodiac signs as well as the days and months.

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The most famous clock in Spain, an emblem of Madrid and its location one of the busiest places in the capital: the zero kilometers from which the country’s road network starts. Also known as the “door of the sun. (Puerta del Sol)”
If this clock is famous for something, it is the work of watchmaker José Rodríguez Losada. The “door of the sun” is filled with Spaniards and foreigners with their eyes fixed on the clock placed on the post office to say goodbye and start the year since 1895.

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