And how to buy a wholesale silver watch

A vintage accessory is an excellent choice for old-style fashion. The pocket watch was once a real utility before being supplanted by the wristwatch. In the past, luxury object reserved for the aristocracy. Now, the vintage silver watch has become more common but still fascinates fans of watchmaking for its aesthetic, elegance and irresistibly retro design. It is noted that buying a wholesale silver watch is always going to be better since you get the best price.

A luxury image that silver watch bring

A silver pocket watch (see them from the Hong Factory online catalog) is far from being a nerdy gadget. It is truly a classic accessory that was luxury and has high value, both physically and mentally. Some people remember the pocket watch of their grandfather. For my part, I have always had it on my eyes since my father didn’t want it. The most expensive, and the most beautiful in the eyes of my father, are gold. I have always preferred them in silver (even for jewelry I like silver rather than gold). There are vintage models available in most sterling silver antique dealers. However, you better because there are also pale imitation quartz models. Well, you must be experienced to notice the difference anyway.


Buying wholesale silver watches for the best price

I can tell you that the price of some silver watch is enormous for an average person. That’s why I prefer to buy them directly from a silver jewelry manufacturer to get a wholesale price. Hong Factory has been one of my favorite places to buy wholesale silver watches so far. They are a leading wholesale silver watches distributor in Thailand, and many of their customers keep coming back to buy more. I am one of them, and I hope that you’ll give it a try.

Be cautious when buying from random sellers

Because the silver watch is an intrinsically beautiful object, it is easy to be tempted to buy one without paying much attention to quality when you are not an expert. The real concern is, above all the authenticity of the watch system, which must be mechanical.

A constitution usually sublimates the authentic vintage watch bearing an authentic history (the gusset watch dates from the sixteenth century) in noble material such as gold or silver. Whether for gold or silver, the presence of a punch guarantees is essential. To warrant that the watch is well made of precious metal.


Brands and models are also valuable as well as your budget

Marcasite Silver Jewelry Wholesale It is necessary to provide a budget level for when buying a prestige silver watch, at least 200€, but prices can go well beyond 2,000 €. Among the famous old watches brands, I like with Hamilton, Omega, Vacheron Constantin, Delahaye, Roskopf. These luxury watches brands continue to make real mechanical silver watches. Others, on the other hand, produce purely contemporary creations that mimic the style of the old pocket gusset watch.

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